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Venado Tuerto

1996 Beech King Air C90B


        Airframe:                    4222 Hours Total Time

        Landings/Cycles:        3416 Total Cycles



        New interior

        Exterior Painting


ENGINES: (Blackhawk Modification PT6A-135A 750 SHP Engines)

        Left Engine:                1516 Hours TT Since New  (PCE-PZ0426)

        Right Engine:              1516 Hours TT Since New  (PCE-PZ0427)


PROPELLERS: (Hartzell/Raisbeck 4-Blade Quiet Fan), Overhaull May 2019

        Left Propeller:             1516 Hours TT Since New (1/2007), 0.0 Hours, SMOH 2019

        Right Propeller:           1516 Hours TT Since New (1/2007), 0.0 Hours, SMOH 2019



Annual Fresh Inspection May 2019



        Always Hangared

        No damage record


AVIONICS: Collins Pro Line II with 2-Tube EFIS-84 System

        Dual Collins VHF-22A Comms

        Dual Collins VIR-32 Navs

        Dual Collins TDR-94 Transponders

        Collins ADF 60A ADF

        Collins DME-40 DME

        Dual Collins RMI-30s

        Dual Collins MCS-65 Compass Systems

        Collins APS-65H Autopilot w/ EFIS-84 Flight Director System

        Collins WXR-270 Color Radar

        Collins ALT-50 Radio Altimeter

        Garmin GTN 625 GPS tied to and displayed on EFIS-84 system. All IFR Airways, waypoints, VOR, etc, and GPS Approaches.

        L3 Landmark 8000 Class B TAWS w/RCG-350 Radar Interface Display

        WX-1000+ Stormscope w/Checklist

        Skywatch HP TCAS  w/RCG-350 Radar Interface Display

        Blue Sky Network Mobile Iridium SATCOM

        Shaddin ADC-2000 Air Data Computer

        Dual Flite-Tronics PC 250VA Inverters

        Kollsman Encoding Altimeter/Altitude Alerter w/Preselector (Pilot)

        Bendix/King KEA-130A Co-Pilot Altimeter

        Dual DB-438 Audio Systems

        Loral/Fairchild A100S CVR

        Ground COMM Switch tied to Comm 1




        Black Hawk Modification P&W PT6A-135A 750 SHP Engines

        Hartzell/Raisbeck Quiet Turbofan 4-Bladed Propellers

        Raisbeck Crown Wing Lockers (600lbs/17cu.ft Storage)

        Raisbeck Dual Aft Body Strakes

        MGTOW: 10350 lbs.

        Cleveland Brake Kit Modification 2011 (Hawker Beechcraft Maintenance Service)

        Quiet Cabin Package

        Two Lateral Tracking Cabin Chairs LS

        Custom 3-Place Couch w/Seat Belts RS Cabin

        Cockpit and Cabin Fire Extinguishers (Halon)

        Cockpit Relief Tube

        Wing Tip Recognition Lights

        Cockpit/Cabin Partition Sliding Door

        Second Cabin Door Support Cable

        Cabinet w/ MAPCO (FWD RS)

        Cabinet w/Two General Storage and One Ice Chest Drawer (FWD LS)

        Small Upright Pyramid Cabinet w/3-Storage Drawers (AFT RS)

        22 Cu. Ft. Oxygen System

        Aft Lavatory w/Seat Belt and Relief Tube

        2-Spare RS Cabin Seats w/RH Cabin Table (Loose Equipment)



INTERIOR:    Refurbished 3/2007 by Raytheon Aircraft Services – San Antonio


        Cabin Chairs:             Aero Napa Leather

        Cockpit Chairs:           Aero Napa Leather w/Sheepskin Seat Cover

        Headliner:                   Doe Ultrasuede

        Carpet:                       New Wheat

        Instrument Panel:       Silver Gray



EXTERIOR:   Repainted 3/2007 by Raytheon Aircraft Services – San Antonio


        #1 Color          Overall Chevron White (Top Half Fuselage)

        #2 Color          Ruby Red Metallic (Bottom Half Fuselage)

        #3 Color          Black Metallic Stripes




Length=                       12 mts

Wing Span=                 17 mts

High=                          5  mts